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Sep 25, 2006


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I looooooooooooved Say What? !!!! But the answer to this question still eludes me...WERE THEY WHITE?!


do you have the cd still? --> i have a worn out cassette and it would be great to get some mp3s, hell ill even paypay the original music label a donation!


My brother and I have passed the old cassette tape of Say What back and forth over the years to each other. It's amazing how such an insignificant album can have such a long lasting impression on people. Of course it's not because the music is great, we laugh at it and make fun of it, especially the song Brother, Brother. But how many old tapes do I have from 20 years ago? That's right, only 1. So I guess Fresh Fish is a great album.


The album Fresh Fish is available for download on iTunes. Enjoy!!

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