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Mar 11, 2008


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There are so many to choose from. Can we have a post on hated Christian jargon? I'll start the list with "come alongside" and "covet your prayers." There are lots more.


I'm not sure if this is reserved for the beancounting world but "Counseled him out" has always made me sneer. No, you didn't counsel him out, you fired him. Imagine the guy walking through the door at the end of the day and announcing, "Honey, I got counseled out today". "Oh, that's wonderful!" "Actually, not so much."

Theo Logical

Julie, what about "share what's on my heart"? Can we all just talk? Good one Doug.


Totally off topic of jargon...but I HAVE to try fried oreos. Seriously!


GAH! I just got an email with "I reached out to..." in it! I might explode!

J.P. O'Hearnihan

When I was in the USAF the word "expedite" was used in my presence at least once every hour. There's also one that I can't stop saying. "Disregard", instead of "nevermind."


As a starving college student, my brother loaded trucks for Wal-Mart where they referred to a royal screw-up as "opportunity." (Apparently this was after some HR B.S. meeting.) In the warehouse, he'd hear things like, "Yeah, whole lot of opportunity happened around here last night." And things about opportunity hitting the fan.

Not exactly wide-spread inudstry jargon, but ridiculous nonetheless.


Another favorite of mine that just makes me roll my eyes instead of burst into flames is the euphemisms for "employees". Where I work, it's "team member". And Disney is the classic "cast member". I kinda appreciate the emphasis they're trying to give to the job, but still. Come on.


Ha! to the Disney thing. My best friend worked for Disney in the feature animation department, he affectionately referred to it as "Mousechwitz". The running joke there was "If you don't come in Saturday, don't bother coming in Sunday."

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