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Apr 15, 2008


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How about a "Fear-worker"? You know, the person you dread will come hang out in your cube with nothing else to do but suck up your time. There's also the "Jeer-worker," commonly defined as "a fellow employee who enjoys criticizing your every decision, move, way of breathing, etc." And let's not forget the "Leer-worker," the person who is completely unsubtle about mentally undressing you every time they see you.

I could go on, but I doubt you want me to.


A "Deer-worker" is someone who stares at you like a deer looking at headlights.

A "Seer-worker" knows everything and you go to this person for information.

A "Beer-worker" well, you can probably come up with a better definition than me.

I heart Doug's blog. It's so much fun.

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