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Dec 08, 2008


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We still talk about your scrambled egg nog. (-:


How do you keep a chicken from getting salmonella?


Becky, your question needs a punch line. :-)

That being said, I have zero experience in raising chickens.

THAT being said, I am a proficient Googler.


About halfway down you'll see the question, "How do I ensure the health of my chickens and my family?" It's a start!


I wish I had a good punchline for that! Seriously though, I'm not sure it's possible. They're pretty dirty animals. I use the pasteurized shell eggs for the peace of mind. The best nogs, in my opinion, are the uncooked kind.

Also, that nutmeg in a can -- I really never realized how much better nutmeg is when you grate it fresh.

So there's my two cents. :-)


I'm sure freshly-grated nutmeg is far superior. I actually looked for it at my local supermarket, but to no avail. Next time, I'll try and make a swing by Whole Foods.

Why do you like the uncooked ones best? Do tell!!

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