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Apr 16, 2009


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Andy Blackwell

That was definitely a wonderful performance. I was listening to the last few innings of the game at work wishing I had taken the day off to be there in person. I did make it up to Oakland on Tuesday night. That was a frustrating loss after sitting there in the cold and wind for nearly four and a half hours, but awesome to see the Red Sox right there on the field (I had a seat in the second row right by their bullpen mound...watching the relievers get up one by one to take their turn).

By the way, I am a fairly new Boston fan after finally getting hooked on them last year. I meant to ask after a recent link to survivinggrady.com, any other recommended Red Sox related reading, blogs, etc. for keeping up with the team?



I had just typed up a nice list of blogs and poof! It's gone. I need to gather my strength to add it again...

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