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Feb 09, 2007


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I'll submit (being that the both you and Malcolm stole my favorite Christmas song...) "You Can Leave Your Hat On"- performed by Joe Cocker. Written by Randy Newman but I can't listen to his voice without thinking of Toy Story, which leads to thinking of my kids, which does NOT lead to a sexy night.


You Can Leave Your Hat On reminds me of the Fully Monty.


Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

JP O'Hearnihan

This is either too obvious or too evil. How about "Closer" from Nine Inch Nails. If nothing else, it clearly states your intentions.


It seems to me that there should be two lists (or at least two parts to the list):
Crazy Monkey Love (e.g., "Voodoo") and Tender, Sarah McLachlan Love (e.g., "Wonderland" and, one would presume, any love song by Sarah McLachlan). It seems you wouldn't want the mood shifting back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...

(Sorry- couldn''t help it)


I'm going to send this post to http://christianworldviewnetwork.com!!! (And David and I don't listen to music during you-know-what...we watch tv.)

David Close

True, we don't listen to music, but we don't watch TV either. That's just wrong.
But that begs the question... what about a Music Video playlist? uh-huh.

David Close

hm.. Daphne just yelled at me (via IM) cause I wasn't supposed to tell the truth. So, pretend I didn't write that previous comment. :)

David Close

Maybe I'm way off, since I'm not used to choosing music for this purpose, but here's my submission: La vie en rose, by Patricia Kaas (http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?playlistId=915688&s=143441&i=915673)


ok - i hesitate to post this since Doug's playlist worked 0% of the time and this one works 100% of the time, but i think the trick is that it's Veronica's playlist and she decides when it gets played. ;-)

U2 "Elevation"
Sarah McLachlan "Sweet Surrender"
Erasure "Always"
Martin Page "In the House of Stone and Light"
The Violet Burning "Goldmine"
77's "Alone Together"
U2 "All I Want Is You"
Zucchero "Feels Like A Woman"
The Violet Burning "Ilaria"
U2 "Unchained Melody"
Sting "When We Dance"
The Violet Burning "Gorgeous"
Enya "Only Time"
U2 "With Or Without You"
Gotan Project "Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)"
Peter Gabriel "The Book Of Love"
Eagle-Eye Cherry "Save Tonight"


"Stranglehold" ~ Ted Nugent


After watching that video of you going down the slide at Ali's birthday, I find it hard to imagine your wife singing about how your body is a wonderland.

Not that mine inspires women to break into song, either.


Didn't you know she's blind? BLINDED BY MY WHITE, HOT MANLY HEAT!

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