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Feb 19, 2009


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Don't know about wearing mink, but I think you like your Mink Car.


ex. for me it was "Chad Likes to" (the first hit was a definition of this game, as was the second)

The Chad is a space for online recruiting.
Chad likes to fight (someone every time he goes somewhere)
Chad likes to go to the movies
Chad likes to work on his house in his spare time
Chad likes to get his audiences fired up
Chad likes to play poker.
Chad likes to dance.
Chad likes to give christmas gifts with boobs on them.
Chad likes to juggle.
Chad likes to curl, golf and play tennis
Chad likes to remind everyone that he is in charge
Chad likes to do about five Olympic distance races per year.
Chad likes to annoy people by reciting Bad Boys quotes.

WOW it's creepy how accurate this is.


I do enjoy movies, working on my house, poker, dancing, juggling.

Also, Doug, "meme" where I live is the Pidgin name for "Goat".

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